Sep 19 - 2023

#HateGate, Babcocked, Russell Brand

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to your Monday!

Here we are, minding our own business, and the content world has come to us today!

– In a surprise to no one who’s been coached by disgraced former NHL Coach #MikeBabcock, the #BlueJackets fired him 6 weeks after he was hired. 22 days before the season started. That’s got to be a record. We talk about why and if Babs is just an asshole OR if GenZ virus has infected the NHL. (it’s the first part).

– Russell Brand has been accused of rape/sexual assault by MULTIPLE Women who have a mountain of evidence and proof. Russell is on the offense, ginning up his “don’t believe anything in MSM” audience of “free thinkers” he’s been marshaling for years for this very moment. He knew this was coming and spent years sewing distrust so he could get away with sexually assaulting a BUNCH of women.

– In the world of radicliazed extremism, the Left gets a pass but extremists on the left are just as fucked as the ones on the right. But where to they come from and how many are real? Not many. Lawyer/Activist Caryma Sa’d just published an expose called #HateGate, a deep dive into a Canadian NGO called the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. They hold themselves up as an org that roots out Nazi Sympathizers and racists, which they do, but who are they, and what are their connections to this Liberal Government, The RCMP, and CISIS? To me, they are nothing more than the Provocative arm of the liberal party, organized by politicians to create chaos by radicalizing Canadians into fighting Political Wars at home. And both sides have been farming radicalized morons for years. We explain.

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