May 18 - 2024

Loc’s Deadly Wife/Loblaws Blinks/Canucks Vs Oilers

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

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Men suck with instructions. We skip almost every step because we’re knobs. Loc’s wife has been forcing his “handyman” hand for years because he never reads instructions, and he thinks his wife is trying to kill him.

He might be right. You decide.

We pivot to women being better planners, which is why 70% of women have thought about killing their spouse. Only 6 percent of men. Maybe he’s right…

We talked about the Oilers facing elimination and how teams like The Leafs and Oilers probably hate teams like Vancouver, who come out of nowhere to play spoilers to a 10-year rebuild. Lochlin is the boycott king. He just transferred his 15-year boycott of paying for Oilers tickets to the Loblaws boycott. He turns down free tickets because he’s that hard.

We talked about the Galen Weston Jr/Loblaws group of companies boycott, and it’s working. Weston companies (Shoppers/Loblaws, etc.) are taking it in the mouth after gouging Canadians for years, and they decided to sign a grocery code of conduct. Which is also bullshit. We explain and Lochlin REALLY doesn’t want people shopping at Loblaws.

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