Jun 14 - 2022

#040 Customer-Driven Products: How Brett Kopf built “Slack for Schools” and launched Omella

About the Episode



(7:11) – Brett’s earliest memories of his strengths


(9:58) – Understanding different skills and abilities


(13:36) – Brett’s early career


(18:08) – What was the moment of conception for Remind?


(26:03) – What were some pivotal moments early on?


(30:08) – How much did Twilio aid your growth?


(31:18) – What role did investor selection play into the success of Remind?


(35:00) – Transitioning into Omella


(44:18) – How many customers did you talk to before building the product?


(45:11) – What’s the process of building conviction in your product?


(50:38) – How much wider is the purview of Omella than Remind in terms of the market it helps?


(55:11) – Thoughts on distribution, engagement and retention


(1:01:15) – How has the founder experience compared with your second company vs. the first?


(1:03:38) – How does leverage fit into structuring Omella?


(1:08:23) – What are the most common mental models you use to make decisions?


(1:12:50) – Do you find people to be overthinking while building a product?


(1:14:13) – Where would you like Omella to be in the next 5-10 years?


(1:15:09) – How do you ensure you can keep a small high-performance team rather than solve problems via headcount?


(1:16:16) – How often do customers that you interact with become evangelists for Omella?





Brett Kopf on Twitter and LinkedIn






Acton academy


The Theory of Constraints


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