Jun 28 - 2022

#041 Devouring Founder’s Biographies, Self-Belief, and the Power of Podcasting with David Senra of Founders Podcast

About the Episode



(3:48) – David Hijacks the podcast: Eric’s Heroes, Munger as a copywriter and “Jeffisms”


(8:31) – How did you start Founders Pod and build it into a business?


(27:39) – How did you engrain this level of discipline in your craft?


(34:41) – Emulating Ed Thorpe


(43:59) – The power of podcasting


(50:43) – Eric and David discuss career goals


(57:46) – Thoughts on the ‘serial entrepreneur’


(1:08:18) – Deep dive into David’s approach to reading


(1:19:17) – Is this just a chapter of your life, or is this the business to dedicate your life to?


(1:25:24) – Do you think more people should do what you’re doing?


(1:28:20) – How to get the most value from what David is doing


(1:36:06) – How have you changed pre-Founders vs. today?


(1:38:29) – What does the best version of this podcast look like?


(1:53:48) – Compounding & Leverage


(1:59:38) – Books are the original links


(2:04:45) – Final thoughts






Kevin Rose interviewing Elon Musk on the Tesla Factory Floor


Jocko Podcast


Paul Graham’s “How to Do what You Love”


Masters of Doom by David Kushner


Chapo Trap House


Edwin Land


Founders Podcast: Founder of Hyundai


Neckar’s Minds of the Market




The Kanye West Genius documentary


The Great Books Program


Biographics on YouTube





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