Aug 9 - 2022

#044 Brainstorming Bologna with Matt Ferrel and Ben Bator

About the Episode



(5:14) – Matt & Ben’s friendship origin


(8:42) – Starting Texts From Last Night


(18:17) – Matt’s early career with Google, Coachella & Lafayette American


(43:33) – Mille Mitten


(58:34) – Tik Tok, Ads and Algorithms


(1:06:55) – Elon Musk & Twitter


(1:15:38) – Fixing Movie Theaters & car charging infrastructure


(1:38:07) – Fixing conferences


(1:50:50) – Exercise: Rebranding the podcast




Texts from Last Night


Lafayette American




Mille Mitten


Mil-Spec Automotive


Alamo Drafthouse


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