Aug 23 - 2022

#045 The Future of Nuclear Energy: Politics, Culture, and Technology with Mark Nelson

About the Episode



(3:15) – Mark’s career & background


(4:40) – Do you think there is a popular renaissance behind Nuclear Energy?


(6:27) – Realizing the regulatory problem holding back energy advancement


(15:35) – The costs behind Nuclear


(18:06) – The Nuclear customer & Europe’s approach to Nuclear


(31:46) – France’s energy price crisis


(37:00) – The history of Nuclear Power


(51:07) – The next wave: Advanced Nuclear


(1:01:51) – Who’s behind the push for Advanced Nuclear?


(1:03:27) – How did the USA lose its ability to build new reactors?


(1:08:38) – Nuclear success in the United States Navy


(1:21:57) – Debunking Plutonium


(1:224:26) – What is the supply chain of building reactors in the Navy?


(1:27:10) – What are reliable resources for people to learn more about or work in Nuclear?


(1:32:14) – Wrap up





Mark on Twitter


Radiant Energy Fund


Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air by David JC MacKay


The World Nuclear Association Library


Clean Corps


The rePLANET Network


The Mothers for Nuclear Organization



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