Sep 20 - 2022

#047 Track Zach Marshall #4: The Services Trap, Firing Customers, Chicken-and-Egg Problems

About the Episode


(7:05) – Updates from Zach: hiring, firing, building software, and finding PMF

(13:41) – What drove the decision to focus more on the marketplace rather than services?

(20:18) – How different was it working with a fund rather than angels?

(23:03) – Cost cutting measures

(24:35) – What was it about services that made them not repeatable or scalable?

(37:00) – Fear mongering

(38:19) – Regional focused marketplaces

(41:07) – Corporate Enterprise focuses

(45:15) – Rebuilding community and staffing via website development

(50:38) – How does affiliate marketing discounts fit into your strategy?

(54:34)- Firing a customer

(59:17) – A bias for action, mixed with patience

(1:07:06) – What are your hopes for our next meeting?

(1:10:38) – Homework for the audience


Zach on Twitter

Conterra Security

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The Art of the Start by Guy Kawaski




New Illinois crime law going into effect

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