Nov 1 - 2022

#050 Growing Podcasts, Bookkeeping Biz, and Creator-Led Companies with David Senra and Mitchell Baldridge

About the Episode


(4:12) – David on how to grow a podcast & Mitchell as a connector

(13:32) – David on changing the structure of his podcast

(15:58) – Creator-Led Business, Kobe Bryant, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Balaji

(36:49) – The genius of Berkshire Hathaway & The power of Twitter

(51:24) – Creator Economics & Story time with David Senra

(1:06:38) – Eric’s impact on David

(1:09:48) – Mitchell’s career model & Building a bookkeeping business

(1:28:11) – Focusing career growth

(2:04:32) – Thoughts on TikTok

(2:16:43)- How the guys spend their time (Finding operational leverage)

(2:21:29) – Trying to convince Mitchell to start a podcast

(2:24:34) – David’s thoughts on his new business model 

(2:33:38) – Wrap Up



The Founder’s Podcast w/ David Senra

Connect with Mitchell Baldridge

Mitchell Baldridge on Twitter

David Senra on Twitter

David’s appearance on Jorgenson’s Soundbox

Mitchell’s appearance on Jorgenson’s Soundbox

Trung Phan on Twitter

Sam Hinkie


Coked Up Options on Twitter

Ed Thorpe on The Tim Ferriss Show

Business Breakdowns – Berkshire Hathaway


George Mack on Twitter

Frank Niu on TikTok


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