Nov 29 - 2022

#052 Money 20/20, Fintech Innovations, and Interviewing Legends with Zach Anderson Pettet

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Money 20/20

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Rule 1033


Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller


(4:25) – Recap the last episode with Zach and Eric

(5:34) – Fintech Industry Overview

(15:21) – Money 20/20 – the Biggest Fintech Conference in the world

(24:02) – Regulation looms over Fintech, always

(27:12) – The “Off The Record” Stage at Money 20/20

(29:28) – The CFPB and Rule 1033

(43:15) – Stripe, Adyen, Warren Buffett, and The Media

(49:01) – Behind the scenes at Money 20/20

(59:20) – How do you get Serena Williams on stage?

(1:01:58) – Holding the keys to so much potential ROI

(1:04:33) – Defining the relationship between a fintech org and a bank

(1:11:21) – Entrepreneurs buying their own community banks

(1:16:58) – The intersection of Crypto and Fintech

(1:27:11) – Is OnlyFans only a bad thing?

(1:35:34) – What is the overarching story that Money 20/20 tells?

(1:41:50) – Wrapping up

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