Sep 22 - 2021

112: Voice Isn’t Everything, Is It?

About the Episode

Today on our show, we’re talking about voice in a new way. We always say, write like you speak. That’s one of the most important writing tenets, because if you write like you speak, you’re writing in the most truthful way. If you curse, curse. If you don’t speak in fancy prose, don’t write fancy prose.

To hear more about voice, listen to Episode 43: Voices in Your Head, and Episode 44: Voices Carry.  

On today’s episode, we ask the question, What if your physical voice says something about you you don’t want it to say? Also, does your physical voice translate onto the page? 

You’ll hear an essay by Mark Jason Williams, an award-winning playwright, essayist, and traveloguer who writes for The Washington Post, HuffPost, Thrillist, and more. He is currently working on an essay collection. 

His story is called You’d Be Cuter with a Deeper Voice. A version of this story was previously published in Out Magazine.

You can also find Mark on Twitter and Facebook

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