Aug 1 - 2019

#115 Podcast with Daren Millard ft Graham Kritzer

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the Podcast with Daren Millard and Graham Kritzer. Graham shaved his beard and looks like a new man. Dean hates beards, he read a study that they are more disgusting than a toilet and dog fur. Dean is a germaphobe. Dean had an epiphany yesterday regarding the Toronto Blue Jays. After watching Vladdy smoke a home-run last night, he thinks he can watch the team now. The kids were alright! Dean is still pissed Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro haven’t addressed the media. We welcome the man, myth the legend Daren Millard from The Chirp Winnipeg branch. Daren may be going back on TV but he won’t tell us what’s going on, classic Millard. We go over a story written by blogger Sarah Ayers. Sex coach, Demetra Nyx uses her menstrual blood to paint messages on herself. Yup. Go to and read more about it. Daren discusses Wild GM Paul Fenton being let go and getting sewered by the team after he left. We close with how Daren and Dean handle being sick, The Great Hack, family reunions and Dean tries to guess where Daren is going to work next. Enjoy!

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