Aug 28 - 2019

#131 Podcast with Paul Feinstein

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

On the 131st episode of the Podcast we welcome back the most interesting man in the world, Paul Feinstein. Paul had a weed cookie last night and it didn’t work for him and he ended up staying up until 6 am. He tells us about his night and gives us some serious travel hacks including what to not do on an airplane, how to change time zones properly and certain things to eat and not eat to help you as you travel. Paul tells us NEVER to have the coffee on the plane. His reasoning will blow your mind. Dean discusses first class and how it’s impossible to go back to economy once you have tasted the glory. Paul traveled to Cambodia and gives us his insights on going there. Dean and Paul also discuss Dave Chapelles new special on Netflix. People it was a game-changer. Chapelle is the King. Paul tells us an insane story about floating down the Nile River in Egypt, going into a forest in the middle of the night with a local, thinking he was going to die but having the best experience of his life. One of the best stories we have ever heard. To close Paul discusses the time he ate a cod sperm sacks, the gross foods he can’t stay away from and gives us his Mount Rushmore of fast-food and hotels he has stayed in. Enjoy!

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