Sep 3 - 2019

#133 Podcast with Cannabis Phil and Graham Kritzer

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 133rd episode of the podcast with Graham Kritzer and Cannabis Phil. Dean is home safe and sound from Barcelona. He explains to Graham and Phil paella, Marina 50, Producer Chris’s unorthodox engagement story and the crazy story about Dean not being able to get back into Canada. The boys get into Kevin O’Leary smashing up his boat and killing two people. The big question here is who was driving, Dean and Graham attempt to clear it all up. Kevin has also lawyered up with one of the biggest lawyers out there. The optics do not look good for Kevin. Dean almost wrote an article with a very savage headline. Dean and Graham read the savage tweets being sent to Kevin O’Leary, they are bad. We close with the boys talking about the first day back to school, CannTrust being delisted, Dave Chapelle and Mitch Marner. Enjoy!

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