Sep 5 - 2019

#134 Podcast with Graham Kritzer, Producer Chris and Cannabis Phil

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 134th episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer, Cannabis Phil and a quick cameo from Producer Chris. The boys get into Daren’s new gig, polarizing sports broadcasters, how amazing Daren is at his job and why Dean doesn’t have voicemail. We welcome Producer Chris to the show and he tells us what went down with his Barcelona engagement in his own words. Dean got his travel documents from Spain and shocked the consulate when he told them he was already home. Louis was very confused. We discuss Kevin O’Learys current situation. It’s not getting better. His Instagram is implicating. We close with Dean and Phil meditating, the Calm app and Graham living at his parent’s house. Enjoy!

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