Sep 7 - 2022

137: How to Fight with Your Co-Host and Win a Writing Contest

About the Episode

Today on our show we share a story by our own Allison Langer. Her essay is called Writing Class Helped Me Break Down My Facade. You will hear about the fight hosts Allison and Andrea had that prompted this episode. We’ll talk about trying to make money as a writer, revisiting the same theme, and how to win a writing contest. 

If you think you are the only one writing about the same thing over and over, this episode is for you. See how themes can change over time and how you can win a contest when you least expect it. Writing class is more than just writing and trying to get published. It is about growth, connection, healing and everything in between. 

Allison Langer is a Miami native, University of Miami MBA, writer, and single mom to three children, ages 12, 15 and 17. She is a podcast producer and host, a private writing coach, taught memoir writing in prison and has been published in The Washington Post, Mutha Magazine, Scary Mommy, Modern Loss, and NextTribe. Allison wrote a novel about wrongful conviction and is actively looking for an agent. Currently, she is teaching middle school English and working on a memoir with her friend and inside student Clifton Jones (2-Tall).

Writing Class Radio is hosted and produced by Allison Langer and Andrea Askowitz. Audio production by Matt Cundill, Evan Surminski and Aidan Glassey at the Sound Off Media Company. Theme music by Justina Shandler.

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There’s no better way to understand ourselves and each other, than by writing and sharing our stories. Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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