Sep 20 - 2019

#142 Podcast With Graham Kritzer, Jimmy The Prince and Cannabis Phil

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 142nd episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer and Jimmy the Prince. On today’s episode, our fearless leader Justin Trudeau is in some hot water after a photo surfaced of him dressed up in “blackface” for a costume party. Dean doesn’t think he’s racist, just really stupid. Graham makes his position clear with his hilarious article on Dean has decided he is going to vote the independent and why it is so important to vote. The boys are fired up that a Canadian election is interesting for once! Cannabis Phil reads tweets on Justin Trudeau. He also confesses to going whiteface on Halloween one time. The infamous Jimmy the Prince joins us, fresh off his shuttle driving gig. Jimmy and Dean argue about Bob Seger and Dean lyric checks Jimmy. Jimmy discusses his plan to watch 100 movies in 100 days. Deans takes the microphone away in disgust after he found out what movies Jimmy hasn’t seen and goes over the best scene in cinematic history( in his opinion). We close with cum crepe. Enjoy!

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