Sep 21 - 2019

#143 Podcast with Graham Kritzer, Jimmy the Prince, Cannabis Phil and Jason Gonsalves

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 143rd episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer, Jason Gonsalves, Cannabis Phil and Jimmy the Prince. The whole gang is here! Kind of. Since we last podded another “blackface” video has come out and it’s a little bit more damning than the first. He discusses that video, Dean plays Trudeau’s apology and the guys dish on whether or not someone like this is fit to run a country. Dean likes how he turned his rally in Saskatoon into a town hall yesterday to face criticism. Dean thinks this is the best entertainment we’ve ever had in Canadian politics. Switching gears the guys toss on their tin foils and address the Area 51 meetup that happened today. Yes. Remember that fiasco. In a wild turn of events Graham and Jimmy have a rap battle. I can honestly say it’s the funniest thing we’ve done on this program to date. We close with some Tweets from our comments section of the website, it gets dark and the OCS lost 42 million dollars in the last fiscal year. We’ll unpackaged that. Enjoy!

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