Sep 23 - 2019

#145 Podcast With Graham Kritzer and Jason Gonsalves

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 145th episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer and Jason Gonsalves. Graham went to the cottage and got destroyed on the first night. Speaking of getting destroyed, let’s dive into the 3-0 Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia. Graham covered Bills tailgates for two seasons, so some would say he is an expert at this stuff. Dean shows a video of Bills fan who blows his face off with fireworks. Graham reflects on the insane fans that Buffalo has and gives us a few of his best stories. Dean wants uglier people to deliver the news, CNN, TSN, and Sportsnet seem to only hire hot anchors. Here at we only hire ugly people. Kim Kardashian and Kendal Jenner got laughed off the Emmy stage last night after presenting an award. We play that audio. Dean talks about BIID. We play audio of a man who suffers from it. You won’t believe what it is. We explore Antonio Brown getting cut by the Patriots and quitting football. The saga continues. We also play audio of him farting in a doctors face. Dean shares an embarrassing story for farting in front of his girlfriends family. We close with a story of WWE wrestler Lacy Evans hating Canada for getting a ticket. The video is the best. We close with taking a swim in the comments section of our website and show you the bum bum song. Enjoy!

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