Sep 24 - 2019

#146 Podcast With Brent Donnelly and Graham Kritzer

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 146th episode of the Podcast with the most interesting man in the world Brent Donnelly. One of our newest contributors to and our podcast universe. In short, Brent tours the world, runs concerts and is on the search for the world’s best cup of coffee. Brent has worked in the concert business for 20+ years and has no shortage of stories. Brent worked on the band side and now on the major promotion and production side. Brent gives us the litany of bands that he has worked with over the years and it will blow your mind. Dean and Brent riff on the music and entertainment business and Brents amazing Podcast “BrentonOnTour”, which is a must-listen. It centers around his love for coffee and mission to stop you from drinking shitty coffee. We also have a contest with Leverpresso that you should enter. To close Brent lets us in on some of the wildest things artists have asked for on their rider demand sheets and surviving life on the road. Enjoy!

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