Sep 26 - 2019

#147 Podcast with Graham Kritzer and Jason Gonsalves

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 147th episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer and Jason Gonsalves. Auston “Captain” Matthews of your Toronto Maple Leafs was caught with his pants down, literally. Matthews is due in court in Arizona for a disorderly conduct charge. We discuss the entire incident and go over why it’s pretty funny when you break it down. It horrible Leaf Psychos are going after him about the captaincy. Dean reads some idiotic tweets and thinks the whole thing is stupid. To set the record straight we broke the Auston Matthews news first, check the time stamp btichezzz. The other media outlets released it after us. We win. Dean is also pissed Twitter is going at Kyle Dubas for the deal he signed. A Philadelphia man saved some babies from a burning building and still had time to chirp Nelson Agholor for dropping passes on Sunday’s game vs Detroit. We close with a school psychologist having sex with a student in her classroom and charged with rape and we have a Cannabis Phil appearance! Enjoy!

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