Sep 27 - 2019

#148 Podcast with Graham Kritzer, David Randall and Jimmy the Prince

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to episode 148 of the Podcast! Yes, we are still doing this and we haven’t been sued yet! Today we discuss Trump and revisit the Auston Matthews pants down debacle in Arizona. Auston addressed the media and apologized and we break down the BREAKING chest cam audio by the accuser. It’s up for debate if this is a legitimate complaint or not. We discuss who should get the captaincy. Dublin Dave is here and breaks down his intense fantasy league with Daniel Negreanu. He hopes Nylander plays on the top line. Trump is probably getting impeached. Dean followed the idiots on Twitter who support Trump and believe this is all a hoax. Dean thinks it’s unbelievable that there are Canadian Trump supporters. Jimmy the Prince phones in and calls out Dean and Graham for being pussies about the whole Auston Matthews thing. We close with attack ads by the Liberal and Conservative parties on Twitter. Twitter will be the death of us all. Enjoy!

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