Dec 21 - 2018

#20 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Well hello there beautiful fan base. It’s finally here, after a year of waiting, the new website is up and running! Oh, you didn’t think we were talking about Christmas did you? Today on the show the guys discuss fears and phobias, vinyl, marriages and getting asked to MC a wedding. Dean tells quite the story of a time where he had a little too much to drink before he was set to MC( spoiler alert it didn’t go well). We dive into internet trolling and how people hide behind their computer screens and act tough. To close we welcome the newest member of the family, certified beautician Matthew Barnaby. Bambam is on the show today and talks very candidly about his past. He even tells us an untold story of the worst thing he has ever said to someone on the ice! It was so offside he went to the change room after the game to apologize. Such a good dude! Have a safe and Happy Holiday from all of us here at the Podcast! Peace out rabbit.

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