Nov 30 - 2023

203: Killer Closing Cuts

About the Episode

Sequencing as it’s known, was and still is for many, and important part of the record making process.

The mood and the tempo of the different songs, has an affect on the listener. So sequencing becomes an opportunity to enhance the experience.

Sequencing defines the relationship between each song. An obvious way to begin is to lead with your best foot. As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. And then you can build from there. And build anticipation. Or tension. And the album becomes a journey. Which to many is one of the things that about collecting and enjoying albums that really matters. You can group together songs that will sustain a vibe. You can dramatically change the vibe, again, by changing the mood or the tempo. And every album be it a single or a double or for that matter a triple, has a final cut. Here comes some killer closers now. 

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