Nov 24 - 2020

24: Hassan Basit and Janet Sumner – Throwing Conservation Under the Omnibus?

The 905er

About the Episode

We are joined this week by Haassan Basit, CEO of Conservation Halton, and Janet Sumner, Executive Director of CPAWS Wildlands League, to talk about the province’s proposed major changes to the powers of Conservation Authorities in Ontario as part of the budget ‘omnibus’ Bill 229, which, it is argued, weaken key protections that ensure safe development and prevent flooding.

We explore the proposals, the justifications provided by the province and the implications for safe development in the 905 region with Hassaan and Janet, in the context of other changes made to planning laws and regulations since 2018.

Listeners wishing to know more or express their view on the proposed changes to their MPP and the provincial government should visit the following links:

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