Jan 18 - 2019

#27 DeanBlundell.com Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We made it to a Friday, barely Listen guys we tried to lock down some structure a beginning, middle and end of the podcast. I don’t think we did it. Sorry George! Where even is the middle of a podcast? We welcome friend of the show Gerry Dee onto the pod today. Gerry talks about being funny all the time, Mr.D wrapping its final season, why he decided to walk away when he did and chirping 14 year old boys at his show. Gerry had a recent twitter backlash involving a video he made for the CWHL. We dive into twitter, specifically trolls and responding to them online. We introduce our new Cannabis blogger Phil Wong. Phil explains everything weed including, going to your kids events high, medical uses, personal uses, CBD oils and THC infused baths(yes that’s a real thing) and weederies. Like a winery but for pot. Enjoy!

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