May 4 - 2020

#286 The Dean Blundell Show ft Adnan Virk

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 286th episode of the Dean Blundell Show. In today’s episode, Dean welcomes legendary Canadian host and sportscaster for DAZN, Adnan Virk. Adnan and Dean discuss being a Canadian in America, how #coronavirus is being handled in America vs Canada, the state of Georgia, growing a beard, dying your hair, sports returning, the MLB and quarantining at Disney World. Adnan talks about his time at ESPN, working for DAZN, The Score, being authentic and personalities becoming the new brands. We close with the state of radio, life after working for corporate giants, the Irishman, Daniel Day-Lewis, and getting up and leaving a Clint Eastwood movie in front of Clint Eastwood.

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