Oct 29 - 2022

3 Day Hangover | Brady’s Divorce | Are The Raptors Real?

About the Episode

Ray drank hard for three straight nights. Instead of nursing his hangover and taking it easy, he pushed through it and partied harder. Exhausted and dealing with a massive hangover, Ray breaks down his week away from the show | Tom Brday publicly confirmed his divorce from Gisele Bundchen. TMZ and all the other clickbait outlets have been all over the story. Ray wants to know why anybody cares. | The Toronto Raptors 3-2 to their season and Ray is asking if the Raptors should be considered a real competitor, or is it all smoke and mirrors? | The Toronto Maple Leafs are coming off back-to-back losses. What do the Leafs have to do to turn things around?  

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