Aug 16 - 2023

3 Minutes That Matter: Donald Trump and the List, China and Canada, Housing Crisis

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

I’m Charles Adler with 3 Minutes that matter. It will take less than 1 minute to summarize Donald Trump—here’s the list that tells you everything you need to know without experts droning on about the substance, and the meaning of the substance

This is the List that tells you who he is ..

91 criminal charges 26 sexual assault allegations 6 bankruptcies 5 draft deferments 4 indictments 2 impeachments 1 convicted company 1 fake university shut down 1 fake charity shut down $25 million fraud settlement $5 million sexual abuse verdict $2 million charity abuse judgment

That’s who Donald Trump is and Thank you Keith Boykin for compiling the list.

China is not happy with Canada and so our country gets a bit of a snub from the People’s Republic of China..Canada is no longer on a list of countries approved as international travel destinations for tour groups. From the Chinese Embassy in Canada this message “The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the safety and legitimate rights of overseas Chinese citizens and wishes they can travel in a safe and friendly environment,” I guess it needs to be said here that the two michaels who were detained by China for years, given a kangaroo trial by China, were Canadians. China would argues with our detention of the daughter of a wealthy Chinese businessman, which happened after the Americans asked Canada to arrest her…Meng Wanzhou was her name. She is no longer in Canada. And she was never held in a dungeon here. She was under house arrest in a mansion in Vancouver. Presumably she is now living in some palace in China.

Immigration and its impact on Housing Affordability are issues that may still be issues in the next national election campaign. CP Story in Today’s Globe and Mail. “The alarm bells are becoming bull horns: Canada’s housing supply isn’t keeping up with the rapid rate of population growth. The pace of population growth, facilitated by immigration, is making the housing crisis worse.”

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