Feb 5 - 2019

#34 DeanBlundell.com Podcast with Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Back to back podcasts! What a time to be alive! The lads talk about picking up dog poop once the snow melts, traffic lights, red light cameras and public transit. Leafs’ new blood Jake Muzzin recorded 3 points last night! Plan the parade! Make room on legends row! Daren addresses the Wayne Simmonds rumours, will the Leafs pull the trigger. We go over assets and possible deals. Auston Matthews is close to signing long term, we run some numbers. Toronto Raptors or Toronto Maple Leafs who has the best chance of winning a championship. We close with our story of the week. Liam Neeson made headlines after he made some scary comments regarding killing people with a hint of racism. We are now scared of Liam Neeson. Enjoy!

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