Mar 4 - 2019

#46 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Happy Monday folks. What a weekend it was. Daren is finally home from Vegas. Great news, is branching out all over Canada, we’ll explain those details. Daren tells us about his experience on TV for the first time in 8 months and his journey from getting let go from Sportsnet to where he is today. Dean knows that feeling all too well. Sean Avery ripped the New York Islanders fans over their treatment of JT. We get into those comments and review Sean Avery’s wild tenure in the NHL. Leaf fans decided to give JT a 14-minute ovation on Saturday night vs Buffalo. Daren finds the whole thing goofy. Dean has 3 coyotes walk by in his backyard during the podcast, Daren narrates the whole thing like he is on Planet Earth. We close with a bridge player being banned for a year for using a female testosterone steroid. Enjoy!

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