Mar 6 - 2019

#47 Podcast With Daren Millard and Matthew Barnaby

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Happy Wednesday everyone! Dean and Daren are joined by none other than Jimmy and Prince and Cannabis Phil. Daren is meeting Jimmy for the first time. He has so many questions. The boys play our new game “ 5 Things In My Browser History”. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might be forced to step down! Canadian politics bore Dean, he tells us why. The NHL Alumni Association has teamed up with Canopy Growth to research concussions and cannabinoids. Huge news. Daren clarifies the difference between the NHL and the NHL Alumni Association and Phil gives us his expert breakdown. We get into pot use and sponsorships in professional sports and how that may work in the future. We talk NRBs and the backpack book boner bag. Matthew Barnaby joins us to talk about his new podcast “Unfiltered” with Matthew Barnaby, when it’s dropping and what we can expect. We are really excited for his segment drambuie island! We close with R.Kelly’s sit down interview with Gale King. It was outrageous. Enjoy!

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