Mar 19 - 2019

#54 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Tick Tick Tick! Happy Tuesday folks. It’s episode #54 Rookie, learn how to count. Daren had a rough night last night, questioned his mortality, he explains. Dean lobbies to be the person to kick the people out of Daren’s funeral. Dean shows Daren the app Calm to help with his late-night anxiety. Mike Babcock had some layered comments regarding the status of the Maple Leafs right now and of course, the Toronto media blew it out of proportion. Daren “level headed” Millard reads his comments and puts it all into perspective, as per usual. An Edmonton man named “Con” lost $143,000 to an online girlfriend scheme. Dean has no sympathy. Dean hires from twitter, but don’t get catfished. Dean and Daren read their hilarious DMs one develops into a live catfish on air, you can’t write this shit! It gets out of hand. There will be an article coming out on Enjoy!

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