Mar 28 - 2019

#57 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the podcast! Daren caught up with Hayley Wickenheiser on this weeks episode of the Chirp. It was outstanding. Daren goes over the interview. The Toronto Maple Leafs continue their tough couple weeks, losing in a shootout to Philadelphia. We go over the Maple Leafs past few games. They are having some serious defensive problems and Freddy just doesn’t seem right. The boys discuss the city burning down if they have a first-round exit. Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby is insanely funny and real. We play some clips from his 2nd podcast. Clips that involve a fire extinguisher, diarrhea and finding out his real name from his mother. It’s the Blue Jays home opener today. Dean holds nothing back about the state of the franchise. He will not go see a game this season. We close with a prisoner telling a judge to suck his d*ck after he gets 22 years. The judge adds another 10. Have a good one.

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