Mar 12 - 2019

61: How to Stop Procrastinating and Write Your Story

About the Episode

On this episode, we talk about procrastination. We also talk about speaking directly to the reader from a place of experience. And giving advice, which is really hard in a story and in life. If you’re willing to be vulnerable, you can do it.

We’re starting with a story by Jenni Berrett called You Aren’t Lazy–You’re Just Terrified: On Paralysis and Perfectionism. Jenni is a columnist at Ravishly, an online magazine that celebrates the mess of being human. Her story is relevant to all of us messy humans, especially the messy writers among us.

Writing Class Radio is a podcast where you’ll hear true personal stories from the students in our class and learn a little about how to write your own stories. Writing Class Radio is equal parts heart and art. By heart we mean the truth in a story. By art we mean the craft of writing. No matter what’s going on in our lives, writing class is where we tell the truth. It’s where we work out our shit, and figure out who we are. There’s no place in the world like writing class and we want to bring you in.

Writing Class Radio is co-hosted by Allison Langer ( and Andrea Askowitz ( Writing Class Radio is produced by Virginia Lora, Andrea Askowitz and Allison Langer. Writing Class Radio is sponsored by The Launchpad at The University of Miami which aims to make the practice of entrepreneurship available to all students and alumni. This episode is also sponsored by the podcast, Made Visible. Made Visible is hosted by Harper Spero who struggles with a hidden illness. She uses her podcast to bring other people’s hidden illnesses to light. This episode is also sponsored by Allison Langer, writing coach and editor. Theme music is by Justina Shandler. Additional music is by Podington Bear. You can find all our music on our website. There’s more writing class on our website (, twitter (@wrtgclassradio) and Facebook. Writing Class Radio is now open to submissions from our listeners. Go to the submissions page on our website for guidelines. We pay! If you want to be a part of the movement that brings people together through storytelling, please go to and hit the DONATE button.

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