Apr 15 - 2019

#66 DeanBlundell.com Podcast With Daren Millard and Matthew Barnaby

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Tiger Woods won the Masters! I repeat Tiger Woods has won the Masters! Dean cried, seriously…he told me on the phone. What a moment! What a time to be alive! We talk Masters and how huge of a deal this is. Best sports comeback ever? Daren is live from Winnipeg. We go over everything Masters. Daren thinks this is the biggest win since Jack Nicklaus won his 6th green jacket in 1987. Daren addresses the Maple Leafs’ and the idiocy around the Kadri hit. He is not impressed and thinks it was a really dirty play. Daren is trying to poach Ms. Barnaby to come onto The Chirp. Don’t tell BamBam. Speaking of the Barns clan, we welcome on Matthew Barnaby onto the podcast from the car on his way to Las Vegas. Unfiltered was #3 on iTunes and Barns has had 4 episodes. Not a big deal. Barns’ kids are going away to University, Dean asks if he is afraid that his daughter is going away. Barns gets pissed. We move on….very quickly. Barns has some seriously cool interviews coming up that he is recording in Vegas. We can’t wait. His pod will probably end up being #1. Have a good day folks.

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