Apr 16 - 2019

#67 DeanBlundell.com Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 67th episode of the DeanBlundell.com Podcast with Daren Millard. Daren is plucky today because of a parking lot altercation he had earlier. I truly believe Daren Millard is the Canadian Larry David. We get into asshole drivers and pedestrians. Dean tells us about the time he hit a man in a wheelchair when he was taking his driving and when he ran over a dead person on his way to work. The Notre Dame Cathedral burned yesterday, Dean is crushed…he enjoys history. Donald Trump took time out of his day to take shots at the French fire department on twitter…saying they should have used water bombers to stop the blaze. The Leafs took home a huge win last night on home ice. Mitch Marner was an absolute beauty out there, blocking two shots in a row to end the game. Dean thinks Marner is going to get PAID! Joe Thornton laid a dirty hit on Tomas Nosek. Daren hated the hit. We dive into the Jets’ outbreak in St.Louis or Alex Ovechkin knocking Alexander Sveshnikov into next week with his fist. We close with a story of a man posing as a delivery man shooting a crossbow through a box at an old woman. Don’t answer the door! Enjoy!

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