Apr 23 - 2019

#69 DeanBlundell.com Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

It’s our 69th episode ladies and gentlemen. Gronk would be proud of us. It’s game 7 today. Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Boston Bruins….from TD Bank Centre in Boston. A nightmare no Leafs fan wanted coming home 3-2 with a chance to close out the series. Daren breaks down Game 6 and gives us his 3 players from each side that MUST show up in order for their side to come away with a victory. Paul Friesen, Winnipeg Sun reporter, pissed off Blake Wheeler post game in a scrum, to the point where he told him to f*ck off. The boys discuss asking the right questions at the right time and traditional sports journalism. The Philadelphia Flyers has removed Kate Smith from planet earth because she may have sang some racist songs back in the day. Dean thinks that this is the worlds greatest overreaction. We finish with a Trump tweet to reinforce the fact that America is burning. Enjoy!

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