Jun 3 - 2019

#7 DeanBlundell.com CannaCast

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 7th episode of the DeanBlundell.com CannaCast. On today’s episode, we welcome on one of our sponsors onto the program Val McCulloch from Shatterizer.com. Val is the director of Marketing and PR for Shatterizer.com. The Shatterizer is a handy little vape tool that lets you smoke discreetly with wax, distillate, shatter, CBD and THC oils. Val explains to us the reason they created the vape and all of its amazing features. I’ll tell you something. If you aren’t using the Shatterizer you aren’t vaping right. Here at DeanBlundell.com, we are big-time supporters. Next up we welcome Martin Strazovec from Ahlot Cannabis. Martin was the former VP, Chief Creative Officer at Canopy Growth. He was responsible for evolving the full suite of brands, including Tweed, Bedrocan, Mettrum, Craft Grow, and Leafs By Snoop – which launched in Canada under his creative leadership – as well as helping to develop markets in Europe and South America. Martin brought along two of his CCC reps Jose Dominguez and Kyle Merkley. Jose is one of Canada’s most successful growers, with an international reputation among seed companies, Jose has over 40 cannabis cultivation awards to his name in virtually every category, including sativa/indica/hybrid/CBD flowers, edibles, solvent-free extracts, and vape pens. Kyle is a walking example of optimal living, Kyle believes legalized cannabis signals a new frontier of human experience. Having integrated multiple strains into his daily regimen, he has developed a ranking system that includes, look, smell, taste, burn, effect, and x-factor. Enjoy!

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