Apr 29 - 2019

#73 DeanBlundell.com Podcast with Dan Carcillo

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to episode #73 of the DeanBlundell.com Podcast. We switch gears a bit and decide to shelf the jokes for today and discuss something very serious. Long-story short, Dean called Brian Burke a turd, Dan Carcillo retweeted it and followed Dean. Dean loves Dans’ story, Dan is now a guest on the show today. Funny how life works. Recently, more and more players are joining the fight in hockey. However, these fights aren’t against other players, but rather, against the NHL itself. Daniel Carcillo is one of many players who is now suing the NHL for withholding information about traumatic brain injuries. Dan who is no stranger to head injuries was heavily affected by the death of friend Steve Montador. Since his retirement, Dan has dedicated his life to studying the effects of head trauma and educating the masses. Dan hopes his message is heard by our youth and parents when deciding whether or not to put their kids into hockey. The boys discuss Steve Montador, chapter 5, self-medication, his career, mental illness, the NHL, seeking treatment and recovery. Dan gets into “return to play protocol” and doctors with strong relationships to teams serving the sport over the well being of the player they are diagnosing. Enjoy this very controversial, candid and educational conversation with Dan Carcillo.

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