May 6 - 2019

#77 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Happy Monday folks! On today’s episode of the Podcast With Daren Millard we talk about the Duchess of Sussex giving birth to a baby boy or as Dean refers to her as “the hot chick from Suits”. Daren has a big problem with the way his kids make and eat popcorn. Don’t even try to sell him on using kernels popcorn seasoning. Daren has a customer for his cottage who made him second guess where his cottage is located. Dean tells us about “Cannabis Air”, a weed B&B service that provides friendly vacation spots for weed users. Daren gives us his Stanley Cup Final pick and Dean makes fun of the Vegas Golden Knights. The Raptors won a huge road game in Philadelphia yesterday. Kawhi Leonard is the king. Dean thinks the more they win the more likely it is Kawhi is going to stay. Rogers Media purchased a podcast producing company. Dean is convinced it’s because Rogers knows radio is lost and they can’t deliver honest content. Daren has an idea for a concept for the show called the weekly “aircheck”. It’s gold! Jerry! Gold! We close with 3 people you would love to have dinner with alive or dead. Enjoy!

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