Jun 17 - 2019

#8 DeanBlundell.com CannaCast ft Todd Hancock, David Brott and Tamara Lilien

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 8th episode of the DeanBlunell.com CannaCast. On today’s episode we tackle the notion of putting CBD and THC into food legally with David Brott and Tamara Lilien from the Culinary Cannabis Association. They get into where the industry is headed in regards to infusing food with weed, their journey so far, radical new ideas, certifying chefs to cook with cannabis, weederies and being a cannabis sommelier. Yes that’s a thing and we love it. Switching gears we welcome on one of our newest edition to the DB.com team, Vancouver broadcast legend and host of the Toddcast Podcast, Todd Handcock. Todd is now our music guy and has some wild stories involving some of the rock stars he has worked with. The boys get into partying with Chad Kroeger, haters, getting fired, being part of the DeanBlundell.com and breaking into the podcast world. Todd and Dean both agree radio is dying and it’s their own fault. Todd goes through a few changes that could bring it back full force. Todd has been a habitual weed smoker since he was 16. He’s old school he loves joints. The guys dish on edibles, sativa, indicia, dabs and a legendary trip to Dublin. Enjoy!

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