May 13 - 2019

#80 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Guys! We turned 80 today! If you can believe it this is the 80th episode of the Podcast with Daren Millard. It’s a celebration! Speaking of celebrating, unless you live under a rock you saw the shot heard around the world last night in the Associaton. Kawhi Leonard hit a series-clinching, buzzer-beating, quadruple doink winner against the 76ers last night absolutely crushing the 76ers and their fan base. It was by far the greatest moment in the Toronto Raptors history. Dean takes it a step further. He classifies it in the same category as the iconic Bautista bat-flip. The drama was unbelievable. We replay the moment and analyze the crap out of the game. Daren the “fun sponge” Millard did not like the shot selection and thought outside of that moment it was a horribly played basketball game. Daren is also furious the Vince Carter shot keeps getting brought up, it’s NOT his moment! We preview the Eastern Conference Finals. The Bucks are not going to be a cake walk. Switching gears, we got a lot of feedback with our dark web conversation on Friday. Daren has so many questions. Brad is off the grid so Dean does his best to answer all of Daren’s questions. Nazem Kadri charges $550 dollars for a personalized message on the new app Cameo. Dean is furious because much more notable names on the app charge much less. We run through a bunch of the other celebrities on the app and their messages which include the always hilarious train-wreck, Corey Feldman. We close with Deans article on about his hatred for Marcus Stroman. Enjoy!

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