May 14 - 2019

#81 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 81st installment of the Podcast With Daren Millard. We are throwing down a quick podcast for you guys today. We are busy people! Dean has a meeting and Daren has pizza lunch. We held a contest to name the Kawhi Leonard shot. Deans goes over all the best submissions. They’re pretty damn good. Dean and Daren shame Cannabis Phil for the recent article he wrote on It wasn’t the best blog. We are working on his blogging skills. He’s going to be a modern-day Ernest Hemmingway by the time we are done. Justin Trudeau tweeted about the Raptors making it the Eastern Conference Finals. That triggered Dean because the tweet said: “we are going to the Eastern Conference Finals”. Dean tweeted at the PM and reminded him he wasn’t on the team. Dean got absolutely destroyed on twitter as per usual. Dean is tired of nobodies performance tweeting him. Dean is very well read. Or so he says. Daren and Daren discuss the last books they’ve both read. Deans’ pet peeve is servers who don’t write down his order. He had an issue with a bowl of soup at a restaurant this past week and let the server know. Also, people who check ALL their lottery tickets at the gas station! Enjoy!

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