May 23 - 2019

#86 Podcast with Daren Millard ft J. P. Arencibia

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 86th episode of the Podcast With Daren Millard. Busy day on the podcast today we dive into video door bells and the death of someone Dean and Daren used to work with. We welcome on our guest today former Toronto Blue Jays bat catcher and current blogger and podcaster for Yahoo Sports J.P Arencibia. Daren doesn’t believe Dean and J.P are friends. J.P directly correlates hitting home runs with being on Deans old show at the Edge. So ya..they are pals. The guys get into J.Ps transition to media, armchair athletes, broadcasters crossing the line, Inside the NBA, Vlad Jr. and coming to the defence of Marcus Stroman for quick pitching the Boston Red Sox. J.P let’s us in on what a he used to say to batters after a they get hit by a pitch, the current state of the Blue Jays and a hilarious story about having dinner downtown Toronto with Dean. Enjoy!

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