May 29 - 2019

#88 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 88th episode of the Podcast with Daren Millard. The boys are podding from different locations today, but you’d never know because we are so damn good. The boys get into dogs eating habits and picking up dog poop. The NFL and NFLPA have had some progressive dialogue regarding cannabis and the effects it has on pain management and mental health. Huge steps for the No Fun League. Daren thinks you need to be careful with everything. Dean gets into why Cannabis became schedule 1 drug. Sticking with drugs the boys address the Evgeny Kuznetsov video. Kuz was videoed in a room with cocaine. Dean thinks his excuse is hilarious and completely untrue. Dean also thinks the NHL doesn’t care about cocaine. Daren disagrees and also gets squeamish putting nasal spray up his nose. Doug Ford decided to break an agreement with the Beer Store and attempt to bring beer into corner stores. The boys get into those implications and if it is positive or negative. Dean is all for it. Daren feels bad for the thousands who will lose their job and is curious where all the empties will go.

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