May 29 - 2019

#89 NBA Finals Preview Pod- Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to episode 89 of the Podcast with Daren Millard. Dean likes Drakes music so much he leads the podcast with Hotline Bling. We get right into the Toronto Raptors and the huge series that they have coming up. First off congratulations to you Raptors Nation. Not one arrest, during the game 6 winning rally. Toronto is the best. Daren was in Vancouver for the riots after the Stanley Cup Finals loss. The boys contrast and compare two celebrations. Back to the finals. The boys discuss the health of Kevin Durant, the Raptors chances, matchups and Kawhi Leonard. Dean thinks the Raptors are winning in 5. He believes it is the Raptors series to lose. Dean plays audio of Kawhi Leonards’ sister who made a video after the game 6 win. If you listen close enough you can hear someone in the background saying “ it doesn’t matter he gone anyway”. Dean made a post about it on and got attacked on twitter…naturally. The video has since been taken down. Can Toronto not enjoy a win for 1 day! Daren Dreger tweeted out about offer sheets and Mitch Marner, Twitter lost their minds. Hey Toronto, the Leafs lost. Why don’t we focus on a team that can actually get out of the first round? Robert Mueller spoke this morning regarding Donald Trump. We play the audio. We’ll let you decide what he means by his cryptic message. We discuss the Stanley Cup Finals. Well, Daren does, because Dean couldn’t care. Dean gets furious that Daren would rather watch the Stanley Cup Final over the Raptors. We close with an update on our big announcement.

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