May 31 - 2019

#90 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 90th episode of the Podcast with Daren Millard. On today’s program, Dan is incredibly hungover and is the coolest person in this entire company, we’ll explain. Dean and Daren argue if is a reputable trusted media source or entertainment. Daren believes we are entertainment. Dean coins the term infotainment, and proceeds to get sewered by Dan and Daren. Great start to the podcast. We are a trusted source goddammit! Deal with it! We get into the Toronto Raptors, what a huge W. Dean posted an article on that predicted the Raptors chances and it is scary accurate. We suggest you take a read. Rookie gave away a Cannabis Phil joint to some kids at a Greta Van Fleet concert and it made them leave the show. He also edited the latest episode of the Chirp at 2:30 am after the concert. Daren is PISSED, 2/2 Rookie. We get into Drake and his ultimate troll job last night wearing a Dell Curry jersey and his scuffle with Draymond Green at the end of the game. Which could lead to Drake losing his courtside seats for game 2. The NBA isn’t pleased. Drake is currently selling a piece of lint off Steph Curry for game 1 for 13,000$. Marketing..genius. You have to pay for shipping though. The podcast takes a turn down darkness lane when we invite Dark Web Brad on to discuss the latest book he is reading. Spoiler alert it has to do with sodomy. We’re getting him help, don’t worry. We close with some Stanley Cup Final talk and Paris Hiltons new song “My Best Friends Ass”. Enjoy!

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