Sep 15 - 2022

905 Round-up: Scrooge McFord and the Coyotes

The 905er

About the Episode

We live in a country where the prime minister can’t even declare a national day of mourning. So Ontario’s workers will work while millions upon millions elsewhere in Canada and the Commonwealth nations either spend the day watching the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II, or, just as validly, enjoying one of the tangible benefits of living in a constitutional democracy via an unexpected day off. But Uncle Doug knows best, right? Right.

Two stories from Burlington. Is City Hall successfully walking the fine line of allowing councillors to do their jobs without using it as part of their re-election campaigns? Or are we seeing pattern of weakness by the city manager and clerk in the face of a strong mayor and her most loyal councillor? Would mayoral hopeful Marianne Meed Ward have accepted in 2018 what Mayor Marianne Meed Ward insists is business as usual in 2022? Hmm.

And Burlington’s coyote problem has escalated alarmingly and dangerously. Should things have been done differently? Should things change now? And what about those whistles? 


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