Jun 3 - 2019

#91 DeanBlundell.com Podcast With Daren Millard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back to the 91st episode of the DeanBlundell.com Podcast with Daren Millard. On today’s episode, Kawhi Leonard buys a house in Toronto, Daren might be back on TV, Dean and Daren hate LinkedIn and we have some new West Coast bloggers to introduce. Big time stuff. Vancouver we love you. The Raptors took an L last night against the Golden State Warriors to even the series going back to the Bay. Dean HATES Tony Brothers and the Raptors did not play well. It’s a long series. Everything is fine. Steph Curry had some choice words for the Raptors box-and-one defence and Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson waiting for Drake in the hallway to chirp him post-game. Barak Obama was in the audience as well and received a hero’s welcome. Marcus Stroman ran his mouth again. Dean wrote a scathing article about it on DeanBlundell.com. If Dean could drive any car in the world he would drive a Jeep Sahara. Nice choice bro. Daren has a Porsche. This man is chamber of secrets. We don’t know what we will get next. The boys finish with our new game “how do you pronounce that word”. Enjoy!

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