Jan 30 - 2024

A Canadian Success Story: Colin Livingstone From Cantorque

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Colin is the owner and founder of Cantorque.com. Makers of the world’s best industrial tools and torque wrenches.

His story is incredible. From finding himself out of work with a wife and new baby at home, Colin is a Canadian success story who put his money where his mouth was 20 years ago.

Cantorque makes rugged, hard-working, industrial torque wrenches for the heavy industry worldwide. Their new website tells their origin and their success story. Colin’s story will move you if you’ve ever been out of work or lost in a sea of decisions other people make for you.

– Getting fired

– picking up the pieces

– seeing opportunity

– responding for yourself and not out of anger

– How did that moment lead to him redefining the industrial tooling industry in Canada?

Visit Cantorque.com today and remember the name.

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