Jul 12 - 2022

A Giant Wake-Up Call for Canadian Consumers, Businesses, and Telecom Giants

About the Episode

This past Friday, one of Canada’s major telecommunications companies, Rogers, suffered a “maintenance-update-gone-wrong” which caused a complete outage of their wireless and wireline services in the Country. This was a significant wake-up call to the millions of customers and businesses that rely on a single provider for their telecom needs, I being one of them. So we wanted to break it down and ask ourselves what could have been done better? 

Joining us is Sandeep Panesar, EVP of Strategic Alliances at Turnium Technology Group. Sandeep is also a long-time contributor to YourTechReport and a member of the Marketing Advisory Council for the Linux Foundation.

Take a listen (www.yourtechreport.com) or watch (www.youtube.com/yourtechreport) as we break down the outage and ask a LOT of questions. Could this have been avoided? What lessons did we learn?

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